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Re: Choose between amd64 and i386

Le 07/06/2017 à 10:33, Rodolfo Medina a écrit :

Some months ago I tried many times to install Debian on my Debian Acer One
(tablet and laptop together) but always failed.  I used
debian-8.7.1-amd64-netinst.iso.  Now we have debian-8.8.0-amd64-netinst.iso.
Are you suggesting a different iso file?


Same problem also with this iso image: at the beginning the machine seems to
boot into the Debian Installer menu, but when I enter it the screen becomes
unreadable and all sticks and I have to restart the machine.

Did the installer start in EFI or BIOS/legacy mode ?
The installer boot menu tells when started in EFI mode.

Did you try all combinations of the following ?
- BIOS/legacy boot mode or EFI boot mode
- text-mode install or GUI install
- 32-bit install or 64-bit install