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Re: Choose between amd64 and i386

On Tue, 06 Jun 2017 16:59:37 +0100
Steve McIntyre <steve@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> We've supported the wacky "64-bit platform, 32-bit UEFI" devices
> (e.g. Bay Trail) ever since the first Jessie release. If you grab a
> multi-arch netinst or DVD image, it will boot via 32-bit but let you
> start a 64-bit installation and *also* will detect the 32-bit platform
> and install the correct version of grub.

Thanks for the information, I did some reading beforehand back then and
it was mentioned nowhere (at least nowhere I looked :) that the debian
netinst installer is actually that smart, I could have tried to attach an
usb hub and attach an usb wifi adapter for the installation if I had



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