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Debian with Gnome: Automatic Suspend fails

Hello list,

Having used quite old and slow machines for so many-many moons, I
finally got my hands on a relatively new PC and thought that it was time
to check on that "new" Gnome that I have been reading complaints on
lists and forums for years!

The PC: HP motherboard, Intel Core i3-4170 CPU @ 3.70GH, 4 GB RAM.
The installed system: Debian 8 Jessie (Stable) with Gnome

Anyway, my problem is that I can not make Automatic Suspend to work.
>From Gnome Settings --> Power --> Suspend & Power Off: I am setting
"Automatic Suspend" to "On". I set the time to the minimum available (15
minutes, just for testing purposes). When I come back the PC seems to be
on and working as normal but the screen is black and nothing seems to
happen until I hard reboot (ie hold the PC's power button for a few

Suspend-and-resume is working as expected when I "press ALT before
clicking the shutdown button in the user menu" (see:
https://wiki.debian.org/Suspend) as well as when I issue the command
"systemctl suspend" from a terminal.

I have tried to find some info from Gnome's documentation and have found
that I can open gnome-tweek-tool from the Alt+F2 command line where
there is a setting for Power --> Power Button Action where I can choose
from the available (Blank, Hibernate, Interactive, Logout, Nothing,
Shutdown and Suspend) but nothing seems to change on Gnome's Settings
Power menu.

Thanks in advance,