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Re: why can't I visit this web site

On Tue, 6 Jun 2017 20:06:30 +0800
Long Wind <longwind2009@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> i can't find options related to javascript in iceweasel/jessie

In about:config. Type that into the address bar, then in the Search
box, type javascript. The global disable is called javascript.enable.

More commonly, firefox/iceweasel users use NoScript or other selective
javascript enabler.

> iceweasel does not support javascript?

Every version that I've seen does. It has always been Firefox by
another name, but usually not the current version.
> i think iceweasel makes poor choice
> XP/firefox and android' browser can visit this site

And many web developers don't bother to test Firefox versions, because
obviously, people only use Microsoft web browsers. Two hours ago, I
completely failed to download something from a site after logging in to
it, using the current Firefox on Win8. I then tried the same exercise
with an older Firefox on Linux, and it worked perfectly. Unusual, I
have to say, it's more often the other way around, but clearly the web
developer had done something wrong. The web protocol for downloading is
trivial and shouldn't even require javascript. But something clever had
been done about restricting the download to logged-in account holders,
and it wasn't behaving as expected. Sturgeon's Revelation applies to
websites, and in particular, to their developers.