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Re: Choose between amd64 and i386

Rodolfo Medina composed on 2017-06-06 11:50 (UTC+0100):

> Since a new 8.8.0 Debian version is available for downloading, I want to try
> again to install Debian on my tablet-laptop Acer One 10, which wouldn't allow
> Debian installation some months ago...  Can ayone suggest whether to use amd64
> or i386?  Or how can I make it up?  Thanks...

The differences between 8.8 and prior are that security and minor bug fixes
issued in the interim are included on the newer installation media. If your
tablet or laptop was too new for support by the prior 8.x that you tried, it is
highly unlikely 8.8 will do any better. What you would most likely need is the
newer major version, with support for hardware up to two years newer, 9/Stretch,
which is in version freeze and due for release very shortly.

The 3 year old Intel Atom Z3735F CPU supports amd64 according to:
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