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Re: pointers to material for using netbook's wireless as access point

On Tue, Jun 06, 2017 at 10:58:09AM +0900, Joel Rees wrote:
> I've seen a lot of answers that say "NOT POSSIBLE!!", as if the device
> manufacturers really want us to believe that it can only be done on
> MSWindows and MacOSX.
> I've seen a bit of talk about what appears to me to be the reverse of what I
> want to do -- allow other computers to connect via the netbook's ethernet
> port and piggyback the netbook's wireless onto the web. That's not what
> I want to do.
> I've got brctl and hostapd installed and have tried some
> configurations I've seen. I keep getting blocked, apparently by
> RF-kill and/or something
> else that tells me it's not allowed.
> So, before I dump all my configuration files and error messages on the
> list, can anyone point me to a good how-to? I want to make sure I'm not
> missing something obvious before I start asking questions.

Depends on the wifi chipset. Some are deliberately disabled by
their manufacturer from acting in "infrastructure mode", which
is to say, as an access point.

Here's how to tell:

sudo iwconfig wlan1 mode master

will put it into infrastructure mode if it can *and you have an
older chip*


sudo iw list

will show "AP" as an available mode on newer chips.

brctl and hostapd are the right way to go. RF-kill
is sometimes in hardware (physical switch) and sometimes in
software (package rfkill is available starting in Wheezy).