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Re: stretch & ArpON


On Sun, Jun 04, 2017 at 11:41:46PM +0200, polymax@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> stretch Debian Package: arpon (2.7.2-1 and others)
> Does arpOn work using a vpn or/and Tor ?
> If yes , does it need a special configuration ?

arpon(8) says to this:

ArpON is an ARP handler and it is able to handle network devices
automatically (default) or manually, to print a list of up network
interfaces of the system.

It identifies the interface's datalink layer you are using but it
supports only Ethernet/Wireless as datalink.

The same arpon(8) contains examples of SARPI, DARPI and HARPI that
clearly show that arpon does not configure any VPN by itself, nor it
does require such VPN to function.

So, whatever vpn you're referring to is therefore unlikely to work with
arpon unless it passes through traffic from OSI L2 and above (openvpn in
tap mode does this for example, openvpn in tun mode does not).

Tor utilizes IP protocol as a mere transport and does not expose its
network in a way other than SOCK5 proxy. Therefore arpon is not going to
function over Tor.