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Re: Why was apache2's logfiles moved mid april?

On Mon, 5 Jun 2017, Gene Heskett wrote:

Greetings all;

100% uptodate wheezy install here.

I try to keep a handle on my web site traffic with awffull, but it has
not generated any new data since sometime in april, so I go looking for
the why tonight and find that apache2's logfiles were moved
to /var/log/httpd.  I was going to reconfigure awffull, but that would
have cost me about 5 years of history,  so I moved the files, and where
apache2 keeps its logs back to /var/log/apache2.

Was there a good reason to issue an update to apache2.conf that moved
those logfiles?

You could examine the recent months' postings to the mailing list
below, and see if anything strikes a chord:


But I seem to recall that around the end of April, you wrote to this
list that you had been experimenting with your web server and were
contemplating some changes to /etc/apache2 and /etc/httpd .

And now your web server's logfiles are stored in an unexpected
location, as of sometime in April.

This could be mere coincidence, and I personally wouldn't know a web
server from a taxi driver.

Just thinking out loud, as they like to say in Pickens County.

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