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Re: Why was apache2's logfiles moved mid april?

Gene Heskett wrote:
> Greetings all;
> 100% uptodate wheezy install here.
> I try to keep a handle on my web site traffic with awffull, but it has 
> not generated any new data since sometime in april, so I go looking for 
> the why tonight and find that apache2's logfiles were moved 
> to /var/log/httpd.  I was going to reconfigure awffull, but that would 
> have cost me about 5 years of history,  so I moved the files, and where 
> apache2 keeps its logs back to /var/log/apache2.
> Was there a good reason to issue an update to apache2.conf that moved 
> those logfiles?

Not that I've seen -- unless it's a fix necessary because of apache 2.X
reading config files differently (e.g. deprecated options, etc.) and it
accidentally clobbered your chosen log location.

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