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Re: Install Debian 8.8.0/XFCE on32 bit system

David Wright composed on 2017-06-04 11:19 (UTC-0500):
> But you're unusual in working in this area, so unlike most of us
> you're going to have a dedicated tool available; in fact you work
> on it I see.

I'm not sure what you mean. I'm only a DFSee user, no kind of programmer. I
discovered the value of sticking to one single partitioning tool with an
interface consistent across environments for use on multiboot systems back in
2000, when I first took serious interest in adding Linux to my installed systems
repertoire for eventual migration from OS/2. Back then in v3.x it had native
binaries for DOS, Windows and OS/2 only. Its Linux binary was introduced in
2004, Mac in 2007. GPT writing, which I have yet to use, was a long time coming,
introduced in 2015.
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