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Re: Oh no! Something has gone wrong

On 2017-06-04, Felix Miata <mrmazda@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Sergei G composed on 2017-06-04 00:31 (UTC-0700):
>> I am trying to run Debian 8.8 under current version 5.1.22 of
>> VirtualBox on Windows 10 and I am getting
>>      Oh no! Something has gone wrong
>> error message.  I went down to simplest level of running Debian Gnome
>> Live disk and I am still getting this error.
>> I tried a few display settings (128MB of video memory, enable/disable
>> 3D acceleration) without success.
>> I know had the same issue when I tried to install live Debian on my
>> new hardware directly:
>> Intel Pentium G4560 CPU on Gigabyte B250M-D3H motherboard.  I suspect
>> that CPU built-in video is not supported.  I resolved the issue on
>> the hardware by using a video card that I know works with Linux.
> Do you have a question?
> Your suspicion is correct. Kaby Lake (G4560) gfx is not supported on
> 8.8. It's much too new. If you wish to use your Kaby Lake gfx, either
> install Stretch instead of Jessie, or upgrade Jessie's kernel to one
> that supports Kaby Lake (4.9).
> Your subject error message is a standard/common Gnome error that
> results from trying to use gfx that has insufficient Xorg driver
> and/or hardware support.

OP is running jessie on VirtualBox, so the host hardware shouldn't
matter. If he installs virtualbox-guest-x11 and virtualbox-guest-dkms
(preferably from jessie-backports) in the guest and reboots it, he
should be able to run GNOME.