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Re: Oh no! Something has gone wrong

Sergei G composed on 2017-06-04 00:31 (UTC-0700):

> I am trying to run Debian 8.8 under current version 5.1.22 of VirtualBox 
> on Windows 10 and I am getting

>      Oh no! Something has gone wrong

> error message.  I went down to simplest level of running Debian Gnome 
> Live disk and I am still getting this error.

> I tried a few display settings (128MB of video memory, enable/disable 3D 
> acceleration) without success.

> I know had the same issue when I tried to install live Debian on my new 
> hardware directly:

> Intel Pentium G4560 CPU on Gigabyte B250M-D3H motherboard.  I suspect 
> that CPU built-in video is not supported.  I resolved the issue on the 
> hardware by using a video card that I know works with Linux.

Do you have a question?

Your suspicion is correct. Kaby Lake (G4560) gfx is not supported on 8.8. It's
much too new. If you wish to use your Kaby Lake gfx, either install Stretch
instead of Jessie, or upgrade Jessie's kernel to one that supports Kaby Lake (4.9).

Your subject error message is a standard/common Gnome error that results from
trying to use gfx that has insufficient Xorg driver and/or hardware support.
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