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Re: switching flavors

Yes - and based on some work I did earlier in the week if you keep the
things simple I would say your upgrade should be uneventful.

I  changed the repo to unstable

Then I did:

apt-get update

apt-get upgrade

That was it.



On 04/06/17 13:11, Gary Dale wrote:
> On 03/06/17 08:59 PM, Frank M wrote:
>> I am running Debian Stretch, and like to change to Sid.
>> Can I just change my sources.list to unstable and upgrade?
>> I have run Sid before and am prepared to deal with some breakage
> Yes, although I'd do a dist-upgrade (or full-upgrade if using aptitude).
> Based on some earlier problems with Stretch and the discussions around
> it, I'm not sure that sid is necessarily less stable. Apparently they
> dump stuff into Stretch without anyone actually checking to see that
> it can work with other Stretch libraries.