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Re: HP CP1215 - CUPS not printing from Stretch to Jessie server.

On 03/06/17 02:39 PM, Gary Dale wrote:
On 03/06/17 02:21 PM, Brian wrote:
On Sat 03 Jun 2017 at 14:00:59 -0400, Gary Dale wrote:

On 03/06/17 05:10 AM, Brian wrote:
On Fri 02 Jun 2017 at 16:38:42 -0400, Gary Dale wrote:

I have an HP Color Laserjet CP1215 printer attached to a Jessie server via USB. I'm trying to print to it from Stretch workstation. This has been failing for a long time now. It's not a new problem. I've tried removing the
printer and re-finding it many times without success.
We presume the re-finding is done via the CUPS web interface or something
similar. Is cups-browsed running on the client?

  systemctl status cups-browsed
Yes, I used the web interface to find the printer.
On the following pages you would be best advised to choose "raw" as the
PPD and have all the filtering on the server.

And yes cups-browsed is
running on the workstation.
cups-browsed is not a cause of your problem but if you let it do its
job it would set up a raw queue for you.

You're right, but I've had this setup for a long time and it was never a problem before. It seems to have started with Stretch.

Anyway, thanks!

After much gnashing of teeth (actually disassembling my Samsung C410 to remove two sheets of paper wrapped around the fuser), I'm still confused about something. When I set up my Samsung C410 through the CUPS web interface, on the server I use the Samsung C410 driver and the usb connection. On the client I use the discovered printer but again need to use the Samsung C410 driver which now shows up as Remote printer: Samsung C410 Series (color).

When I set up the HP Color LaserJet CP1215, on the server I use the HP Color LaserJet CP1215 Foomatic driver and the usb connection. However on the client when I use the discovered printer and the CP1215 driver, it doesn't work. I need to use raw printing.

I'm sorry but this doesn't make any sense to me. If I understand things correctly, CUPS knows that the printer is remote and is being handled by a CUPS server but can't figure out which machine should do the rendering. Instead it leaves it up to the driver to add the smarts to figure out who should do it.

I've got several printers attached to my server, including 2 Samsungs, 1 Epson and the CP1215. Only the CP1215 seems to believe that it is a local raw printer on my client. And again, this only seems to be a problem since I moved to Stretch. I think this qualifies as a bug.