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Re: Install Debian 8.8.0/XFCE on32 bit system

David Wright composed on 2017-06-01 18:55 (UTC-0500):

> When I managed to persuade the Computing Service to issue me with
> several disks at the same time (very infrequently), I would make
> sure I created partitions with slightly different (usually by one
> cylinder, a historical concept!) absolute and relative sizes so that
> I could distinguish them in circumstances where size was the only
> parameter visible.

Most of my / partitions are 4800M, 5600M or 7200M, to facilitate interchange
with minimal need to do any re-partitioning. I have bunches of multiboot test
systems, and do a lot of cloning. There's no way I could keep track of what I
have without a written record of what lives where. Luckily, the only partitioner
ever used here[1] creates logs with tables that inventory each disk wonderfully.
(Old) example: http://fm.no-ip.com/Tmp/Dfsee/fi965d03.txt

[1] http://www.dfsee.com/
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