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Re: HP CP1215 - CUPS not printing from Stretch to Jessie server.

On Fri 02 Jun 2017 at 16:38:42 -0400, Gary Dale wrote:

> I have an HP Color Laserjet CP1215 printer attached to a Jessie server via
> USB. I'm trying to print to it from Stretch workstation. This has been
> failing for a long time now. It's not a new problem. I've tried removing the
> printer and re-finding it many times without success.

We presume the re-finding is done via the CUPS web interface or something
similar. Is cups-browsed running on the client?

 systemctl status cups-browsed

> I'm using the HP Color LaserJet CP1215 Foomatic/foo2hp (recommended) driver
> on both the server and my workstation. However when I try printing anything
> from the workstation, it fails with a "Filter failed" message. The message
> appears on the CUPS Jobs page on both the workstation and server.
> I can print directly from the server (e.g. test page using the CUPS Printers
> page or lp from the command line) but not from my workstation.
> I can print to another printer (Samsung C410) attached to the server, also
> by USB, using the same protocol (dnssd:) and it works. The major difference
> is that the it's using the Samsung C410 Series (color) driver.
> The cups error log on the server isn't helpful. The first message that it
> shows for a failing job is:
> E [02/Jun/2017:14:17:27 -0400] [Job 2241] Job stopped due to filter errors;
> please consult the error_log file for details.

Unfortunately, the code that reports the terminating state of the job
does not have the name of the process that failed, which gets logged

> Further down it shows these interesting messages:
> D [02/Jun/2017:14:17:27 -0400] [Job 2241] Printing system options:
> D [02/Jun/2017:14:17:27 -0400] [Job 2241] Pondering option
> 'job-uuid=urn:uuid:33ae3777-92ed-3ade-5cc3-a52464b726bc'
> D [02/Jun/2017:14:17:27 -0400] [Job 2241] Unknown option
> job-uuid=urn:uuid:33ae3777-92ed-3ade-5cc3-a52464b726bc.
> D [02/Jun/2017:14:17:27 -0400] [Job 2241] Pondering option
> 'job-originating-host-name='
> D [02/Jun/2017:14:17:27 -0400] [Job 2241] Unknown option
> job-originating-host-name=
> D [02/Jun/2017:14:17:27 -0400] [Job 2241] Pondering option
> 'time-at-creation=1496427439'
> D [02/Jun/2017:14:17:27 -0400] [Job 2241] Unknown option
> time-at-creation=1496427439.
> D [02/Jun/2017:14:17:27 -0400] [Job 2241] Pondering option
> 'time-at-processing=1496427439'
> D [02/Jun/2017:14:17:27 -0400] [Job 2241] Unknown option
> time-at-processing=1496427439.
> D [02/Jun/2017:14:17:27 -0400] [Job 2241] CM Color Calibration Mode in CUPS:
> Off
> D [02/Jun/2017:14:17:27 -0400] [Job 2241] Options from the PPD file:
> D [02/Jun/2017:14:17:27 -0400] [Job 2241]
> ================================================
> D [02/Jun/2017:14:17:27 -0400] [Job 2241] File: /var/spool/cups/d02241-001
> D [02/Jun/2017:14:17:27 -0400] [Job 2241]
> ================================================
> D [02/Jun/2017:14:17:27 -0400] [Job 2241] Cannot process
> "/var/spool/cups/d02241-001": Unknown filetype.

The server has been sent a file by the client which cannot be MIME typed.

> D [02/Jun/2017:14:17:27 -0400] [Job 2241] Process is dying with "Could not
> print file /var/spool/cups/d02241-001
> D [02/Jun/2017:14:17:27 -0400] [Job 2241] ", exit stat 2
> Any ideas?

The Printing section on the wiki deals with "Double Filtering". It might