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Re: HP CP1215 - CUPS not printing from Stretch to Jessie server.

On 02/06/17 04:38 PM, Gary Dale wrote:
I have an HP Color Laserjet CP1215 printer attached to a Jessie server via USB. I'm trying to print to it from Stretch workstation. This has been failing for a long time now. It's not a new problem. I've tried removing the printer and re-finding it many times without success.

I'm using the HP Color LaserJet CP1215 Foomatic/foo2hp (recommended) driver on both the server and my workstation. However when I try printing anything from the workstation, it fails with a "Filter failed" message. The message appears on the CUPS Jobs page on both the workstation and server.

I can print directly from the server (e.g. test page using the CUPS Printers page or lp from the command line) but not from my workstation.

I can print to another printer (Samsung C410) attached to the server, also by USB, using the same protocol (dnssd:) and it works. The major difference is that the it's using the Samsung C410 Series (color) driver.

The cups error log on the server isn't helpful. The first message that it shows for a failing job is:

E [02/Jun/2017:14:17:27 -0400] [Job 2241] Job stopped due to filter errors; please consult the error_log file for details.

Further down it shows these interesting messages:

D [02/Jun/2017:14:17:27 -0400] [Job 2241] Printing system options:
D [02/Jun/2017:14:17:27 -0400] [Job 2241] Pondering option 'job-uuid=urn:uuid:33ae3777-92ed-3ade-5cc3-a52464b726bc' D [02/Jun/2017:14:17:27 -0400] [Job 2241] Unknown option job-uuid=urn:uuid:33ae3777-92ed-3ade-5cc3-a52464b726bc. D [02/Jun/2017:14:17:27 -0400] [Job 2241] Pondering option 'job-originating-host-name=' D [02/Jun/2017:14:17:27 -0400] [Job 2241] Unknown option job-originating-host-name= D [02/Jun/2017:14:17:27 -0400] [Job 2241] Pondering option 'time-at-creation=1496427439' D [02/Jun/2017:14:17:27 -0400] [Job 2241] Unknown option time-at-creation=1496427439. D [02/Jun/2017:14:17:27 -0400] [Job 2241] Pondering option 'time-at-processing=1496427439' D [02/Jun/2017:14:17:27 -0400] [Job 2241] Unknown option time-at-processing=1496427439. D [02/Jun/2017:14:17:27 -0400] [Job 2241] CM Color Calibration Mode in CUPS: Off
D [02/Jun/2017:14:17:27 -0400] [Job 2241] Options from the PPD file:
D [02/Jun/2017:14:17:27 -0400] [Job 2241] ================================================ D [02/Jun/2017:14:17:27 -0400] [Job 2241] File: /var/spool/cups/d02241-001 D [02/Jun/2017:14:17:27 -0400] [Job 2241] ================================================ D [02/Jun/2017:14:17:27 -0400] [Job 2241] Cannot process "/var/spool/cups/d02241-001": Unknown filetype. D [02/Jun/2017:14:17:27 -0400] [Job 2241] Process is dying with "Could not print file /var/spool/cups/d02241-001
D [02/Jun/2017:14:17:27 -0400] [Job 2241] ", exit stat 2

Any ideas?

BTW: the same thing happens when I use the hpcups driver.