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Re: Upcoming transition to Stretch

On Friday 02 June 2017 10:11:40 Michael Milliman wrote:

> On 06/02/2017 08:52 AM, Fungi4All wrote:
> > A sneaky way to have fun and be safe, not a very responsible user
> > for testing and experimenting, but if you are so afraid of tgings
> > blowing up and not knowing how to fix them here is a trick.
> I really enjoy troubleshooting problems, and am not afraid to do so.
> Unfortunately, I simply do not have the time to do this on a regular
> basis.  I always learn a great deal when I do, and that is one of my
> favorite things do do :) .  I have always gotten very good information
> here on the list when I have had to troubleshoot.
> > Let's say once a day, at the time you turn on your pc, you usually
> > do updates and upgrades.  What if you reverse the order of things.
> > You read your list email, be forwarned of past 24hrs of trouble,
> > then do and upgrade, then do an update which will not be in effect
> > until you apply it the next day.  The next day the cycle continues.
> This is an excellent idea.  I already look through the proposed
> upgrades and pick and choose what I allow on a package by package
> basis, so I'm already implementing the most time consuming part of
> this process.  I also look pretty closely at what a particular package
> upgrade brings with it (i.e. libraries that may have an affect on the
> system as a whole) before I bring an upgrade in.  That way I can
> manage the risks involved.  I'm not bork-proof, but I haven't borked
> the system yet.
> > For me, I get really sad when there is nothing new to upgrade now,
> > even if I am the first to face the trouble.  But there is also a
> > backup system which is not yet updated, so work can still be done.
> >
> > Sid is real debian to me, the rest is just debian too refined to be
> > debian.
> >
> > On the other hand, resolv.conf is a package in even Jessie that
> > needs "manual" configuration to work.  Despite what you do it is
> > still linux in its finest.  No  matter what you do each day you may
> > never know what will you learn or have to learn to get things done
> > by the next morning.  Sleep is for windows morons.

Warning thread hijack...

My machines are all still on either wheezy or jessie because of kernel 
pinning, its a realtime rtai patched kernel and my app, linuxcnc won't 
run without it.

My home network is host based and all behind a dd-wrt based router.  So 
rather than fixing resolv.conf by making it immutable in my latest pi 
install, since I had the u-sd card still in the reader, I went thru it 
looking for anything that might want to scribble my resolv.conf into a 
one liner stating it was created by such and such and otherwise empty, I 
removed the exec bits from the those files attributes.  Then I fixed 
resolv.conf to do what its supposed to do.  Neither fix generates any 
error messages to spam my logs.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
"There are four boxes to be used in defense of liberty:
 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
-Ed Howdershelt (Author)
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