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Re: Upcoming transition to Stretch

On 06/02/2017 08:52 AM, Fungi4All wrote:
> A sneaky way to have fun and be safe, not a very responsible user
> for testing and experimenting, but if you are so afraid of tgings
> blowing up and not knowing how to fix them here is a trick.
I really enjoy troubleshooting problems, and am not afraid to do so.
Unfortunately, I simply do not have the time to do this on a regular
basis.  I always learn a great deal when I do, and that is one of my
favorite things do do :) .  I have always gotten very good information
here on the list when I have had to troubleshoot.
> Let's say once a day, at the time you turn on your pc, you usually
> do updates and upgrades.  What if you reverse the order of things.  
> You read your list email, be forwarned of past 24hrs of trouble,
> then do and upgrade, then do an update which will not be in effect
> until you apply it the next day.  The next day the cycle continues.
This is an excellent idea.  I already look through the proposed upgrades
and pick and choose what I allow on a package by package basis, so I'm
already implementing the most time consuming part of this process.  I
also look pretty closely at what a particular package upgrade brings
with it (i.e. libraries that may have an affect on the system as a
whole) before I bring an upgrade in.  That way I can manage the risks
involved.  I'm not bork-proof, but I haven't borked the system yet.
> For me, I get really sad when there is nothing new to upgrade now,
> even if I am the first to face the trouble.  But there is also a backup
> system which is not yet updated, so work can still be done.
> Sid is real debian to me, the rest is just debian too refined to be debian.
> On the other hand, resolv.conf is a package in even Jessie that needs
> "manual" configuration to work.  Despite what you do it is still linux
> in its finest.  No  matter what you do each day you may never know
> what will you learn or have to learn to get things done by the next
> morning.  Sleep is for windows morons.

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