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Re: Upcoming transition to Stretch

On 06/02/2017 08:54 AM, Greg Wooledge wrote:
> On Fri, Jun 02, 2017 at 08:40:38AM -0500, Michael Milliman wrote:
>> Thank you Siard and Greg.  This does clear up this part of the process.
>> Currently, I have my sources.list pointed at Stretch, recently modified
>> from pointing to Testing in anticipation of potential issues.  I think
>> I'll go ahead and set it back to Testing (which is the same as Stretch
>> at the moment, so it is just a name change) and see what the ride is
>> like.  I can always point back to Stretch (then stable) and do some
>> serious work in Synaptic if there is too much blood flowing :)
> Uh, no.  If you track testing, and receive new packages after the release,
> you will NOT be (guaranteed) able to go back to stretch.  Downgrading
> has never been supported, and is manual and messy at best, impossible
> at worst.
I have had to downgrade (packages, not entire system) before. It is
indeed messy, and depending on the package, impossible as the downgrade
can affect almost the entire system (ala libc6).  But it is possible to
downgrade the whole system....the process is very, very messy, no doubt.

> If you want to play around with testing in a reversible fashion, you
> should set up either a chroot or a virtual machine.  (Or a separate
> bootable partition, or a separate computer.)  Otherwise, once you bring
> in something like libc6 post-release, you are *committed* to the next
> testing cycle.
This sounds like a great learning opportunity. I don't have quite enough
hamsters in the cage to run a VM with any degree of performance (I need
to buy a few more hamsters :) ).  But using a chroot may well be a good
option.  I haven't done anything with chroot in the past (outside of
certain packages that do some of that behind the scenes).  This may be
an opportunity to learn how to set one up.

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