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Re: Upcoming transition to Stretch

A sneaky way to have fun and be safe, not a very responsible user
for testing and experimenting, but if you are so afraid of tgings
blowing up and not knowing how to fix them here is a trick.
Let's say once a day, at the time you turn on your pc, you usually
do updates and upgrades.  What if you reverse the order of things.  
You read your list email, be forwarned of past 24hrs of trouble,
then do and upgrade, then do an update which will not be in effect
until you apply it the next day.  The next day the cycle continues.

For me, I get really sad when there is nothing new to upgrade now,
even if I am the first to face the trouble.  But there is also a backup
system which is not yet updated, so work can still be done.

Sid is real debian to me, the rest is just debian too refined to be debian.

On the other hand, resolv.conf is a package in even Jessie that needs
"manual" configuration to work.  Despite what you do it is still linux
in its finest.  No  matter what you do each day you may never know
what will you learn or have to learn to get things done by the next
morning.  Sleep is for windows morons.