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Re: Upcoming transition to Stretch

On 06/01/2017 05:38 PM, Michael Milliman wrote:
Hi folks,  I'm currently running Stretch, and have been for a couple of
months.  As I understand it, Stretch will become stable in a couple of
weeks.  At that time what is now Sid (unstable) will become Testing.  Is
this correct? If so, how disastrous might it be for me to upgrade from
Stretch to the new Testing?  Will this be a usable distribution, or
would it be advisable to wait for a little while before doing so?  I
don't have a problem with running on the "bleeding edge" as long as
there is not too much blood :)

I've been running Sid on sda15 since Etch, sometimes upstream will lower a version, making the installed version obsolete, it's nice to have synaptic installed to see these things, fixing Sid is rewarding. This ride with Stretch has been bumpy too, my Nvidia was out for a longtime due to kernels and KDE Plasma problems causing an install of XFCE4 to keep updated and repair the problem, I'm still doing a workaround on i965 but it maybe fixed now, I have it patched and working for the time being using a Ubuntu 16.04 kernel, anyways if this sounds fun crank up gparted and slice off about 14Gb's, install Stretch and add Sid and change Stretch to Testing. It's always a learning experience. :)
Jimmy Johnson

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