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Re: Discovering alternative commands

On 06/01/2017 11:14 AM, songbird wrote:
Richard Owlett wrote:

I'm working on a problem that requires as input an association of disk
partitions and their "label" (in gparted sense).

I already have blkid and lsblk. They are obviously designed for
different purposes. They both _can_ supply the desired information.
Neither is ideal for me.

Two questions (one asking for fish, the other asking to be taught to fish):
1. what other commands should I look at?
2. is there some reference that groups commands/programs by similarity?

A contrived example of the later, you've come across an unfamiliar word.
Depending on your needs you might consult a thesaurus, encyclopedia, or
dictionary. If a dictionary is indicated, it may be bilingual, idioms,
abridged, or unabridged etc.

  um, for general searching i use either apt-cache or
use synaptic's search function.  that ways you can get
a list of packages which have the word in question
associated with them.  you can specify if you want to
search just the name or include the description.

As I believe I've got the available storage to have full-text of all manpages locally and I've complete DVD sets for Squeeze and Jessie from which to extract those man pages.

  for more general searching of interesting bits i use
google or other search engines and add words like debian
or linux to make sure i'm entering the right universe.