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Re: drive names and UUIDs, was Re: Intresting dd fsck grub uuid fstab action

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Subject: drive names and UUIDs, was Re: Intresting dd fsck grub uuid fstab action
From: joel.rees@xxxxxxxxx
To: Fungi4All <fungilife@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


I'll try explaining what we don't know whether you understand or not.

I understand everything you have written below.

So when you dd a parition/volume, you copy the
UUID for that partition/volume, too.

I asked specifically for this and I never got a straight answer.  Is it possible though to 
copy something and NOT get the same uuid but the partition to retain its original uuid?
Because this is what happened.  When I made a list of the uuids after dd the source and
targets were not all the same.  Some had transferred some did not.

And when you dd the whole device, you copy all the UUIDs on every
partition/volume on the device.

I use gparted for partition work.  I made a new experiment to see in action what may happen
with a usb drive being coppied.  The stick had two partitions, ext4, and the targets were two
partitions on hd0 (the only hard drive).  In this case the targets got the same uuids.  I tried
over and over again to change the stick's uuid's and gparted will not allow me.

In order to have both the duplicate and the original connected to the
computer at the same time, you have to figure out a way it can tell
them apart.

As far as I can tell when a duplicate exists it just doesn't get mounted.  With gparted you
see it fine, it is there with a duplicate.  

If you read through this and understand it, and can tell us what you did
in a way that we can tell you understand this, we can continue to try to

Why don't just skip all this that we are in perfect agreement with and go to the juicy part.
After all uuids are unique and fstab are all correct, updating-grub would mix match uuids in writing
its grub.cfg  
Two uuids on the same entry!  Over and over again....  till I edited it out to the correct ones and it all worked.
Why does everyone choses to skip on this issue and keeps explaining me over and over
what I have well understood by now?

Grub when installed it has a way of picking up if there is a bootable system in each partition and makes a 
table of entries/menu-items
Menu 1  Debian 8
Menu 2 Debian 9
Menu 3 Zlumbudu

Here I have one entry Menu2 and within the same instruction two different uuids exist, one is the same as
menu 1 the next is the same of menu2 ....  you chose 2 and 1 starts.  Over and over I tried to update it, it
showed as a new file, the same error.  I correct it manually everything works great!

Joel Rees

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