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Re: Becoming familiar with Debian's BTS

On Thu, 01 Jun 2017, Richard Owlett wrote:
> I can't find a way to retrieve project bugs in order of date originally
> filed.
>   reportbug-ng can sort by "last activity" but not "date opened".
>   https://www.debian.org/Bugs/ can report by "classification"
>      but not "date opened".

The bug numbers increase monotonically, so larger numbers are guaranteed
to have been filed after smaller numbers. By default the BTS sorts them
numerically which is also the order filed.

> A second question concerns the progress of a package from experimental to
> stable.
> A case in point - Tomboy 1.15.8  has just been released by upstream.It was
> suggested on the Tomboy mailing list that I file Debian bug to use the
> latest release.
> Currently
>     stretch (testing) and sid (unstable) are at 1.14.1-4
>     experimental (rc-buggy) is at 1.15.4-1+b1
> Would that indicate whether or not a bug report is needed?

You could file a wishlist bug requesting a new version if there wasn't
already one filed.

It would only end up in experimental, not unstable, though.

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