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Becoming familiar with Debian's BTS

It has been suggested that I could be useful by testing older bugs to see if they could be closed -- i.e. a fix for another problem or a general upgrade has fixed the problem.

I can't find a way to retrieve project bugs in order of date originally filed.
  reportbug-ng can sort by "last activity" but not "date opened".
  https://www.debian.org/Bugs/ can report by "classification"
     but not "date opened".

A second question concerns the progress of a package from experimental to stable.

A case in point - Tomboy 1.15.8 has just been released by upstream.It was suggested on the Tomboy mailing list that I file Debian bug to use the latest release.
    stretch (testing) and sid (unstable) are at 1.14.1-4
    experimental (rc-buggy) is at 1.15.4-1+b1
Would that indicate whether or not a bug report is needed?