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Install Debian 8.8.0/XFCE on32 bit system

I have an older desktop that has been running Windows XP that was shut down for about 5 years that I wean to put back into service.

I know that it will run Debian as I've tried out the 32 bit live version.

Now, I am not a computer person, but rather an Organic Chemist and I am use to the Debian 64 bit installer allowing me to automatically set up the hard drive. Fortunately, the 32 bit installer expects more knowledge that I possess when I get to the HD setup. I have three HD's Anthe system and want to install Debian on the first dirge (hda)

My problem is compounded by my attempted searches for the solution as all I can seem to find involves running 32 bit apps on a 64 bit OS (i already know how to do that).

I would greatly appreciate being pointed towards a solution to this problem.

Thanks in advance.

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