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Re: libreboot? Doc to follow? -- Re: Secure boot - Uefi installation

fc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>2 things:
>a. Even given all of their recent "damage" to themselves,
>how does Libreboot play into this?  Is there a guide with respect to
>Debian that people can use to go the Libreboot route -- supported
>by this list?


>b. This UEFI crap - and Microsoft/Intel trying to lock everything to 
>themselves crap is crappy.
>Has anyone gathered all of these UEFI steps and good workarounds into 
>One place that people can follow?

UEFI as a design is fine, but there are a lot of crappy
implementations out there. Just like there are lots of crappy
BIOSes. :-(

For more information about UEFI and Debian, I wrote a long wiki page


Please check that out, and please ask if anything's not clear.

Steve McIntyre, Cambridge, UK.                                steve@xxxxxxxxxx
Is there anybody out there?