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How to report Debian ML SPAM.

(thread broken on purpose).

1. Never reply to SPAM in the Debian MLs, just report it as SPAM using
   the web interface.

2. If you need to talk about spam, open a new thread (as that thread
   will not be spam, although it *might* be quite off-topic).

Doing it this way makes it easier/neater to clean up the archives.

On Thu, 20 Apr 2017, fc wrote:
> Actually -- does anyone monitor this list for this type of stuff?

Everyone has that responsibility.  Go to:

find the offending post, and click on the "Report as SPAM" button.

Also, please read this:

The stuff you want is towards the end of that page.

> *Even more so* -- it seems like unauthorized users can email this list?
> Why not just restrict it to people who have subscribed?

This is a long-time policy of most Debian MLs.

  Henrique Holschuh