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Spam on Debian lists (was: Actually)

> Actually -- does anyone monitor this list for this type of stuff?

You have no idea *how much* spam is blocked by the work of the list
masters. But it's not that anybody monitors all of the almost 300 Debian
lists¹ with thousands of posts each day.

> I see these types of things come through periodically -- and 1 delete on the
> front end could prevent a lot of woe.

Your help is appreciated:

Obviously, this only affects the archive after all subscribers already
received the spam message. Moderating all Debian lists is not a job that
anybody wants to do (and it wouldn't even be appreciated).

> *Even more so* -- it seems like unauthorized users can email this list?
> Why not just restrict it to people who have subscribed?

Because this excludes use cases that are deemed valid by the list

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