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Re: Jessie for Udoo X86?

On Thu 20 Apr 2017 at 07:11:53 (-0700), Larry Dighera wrote:

> What I have discovered thus far, is that Debian wants to launch X11 by
> default, instead of the command line UI.  That appears to result in a black
> screen with a frozen system.  
> At this point, I have no idea of the correct way to boot to the command line
> interface, so I temporarily renamed lightdm, and now it boots to the command
> line interface apparently after X11 fails to launch.  So, it appears that it
> is X11 that has possible issues with the hardware or is misconfigured.
> Perhaps there is something in X11's /var/log file that will provide a clue
> about why it was failing to successfully launch.
> So, it appears that grub is correctly configured after all.  
> What is the correct way to configure the system to boot to the command line
> UI instead of X11?  Do I need to edit things, or add files to, /etc/rc.d
> someplace?  Or is there a higher-level way to tell systemd that I prefer to
> manually launch X11?  

For jessie/systemd,

# systemctl set-default multi-user.target

and, to revert,

# systemctl set-default graphical.target

Removing the display manager was, I think, the old way.
Not installing one, OTOH, is still the normal way if
you don't want a DE (like me).

> I'm aware that running the startx script is a reasonable way to launch X11
> when I want it, but I'll have to diagnose its issue(s) first.  My past
> familiarity with AT&T Unix from the early '80s through the '90s was pre-X11,
> so I'm going to have to learn how to administrate X11 now I suppose.  
> I sincerely appreciate your kind efforts in guiding me.  I gives me the
> motivation to continue spending the time to get Jessie up on the new Udoo
> X86 platform.

There are several recent threads in this list about getting the
right video drivers and X servers installed. Most of it goes
over my head because my hardware is so old.