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libreboot? Doc to follow? -- Re: Secure boot - Uefi installation


2 things:

a. Even given all of their recent "damage" to themselves,
how does Libreboot play into this?  Is there a guide with respect to
Debian that people can use to go the Libreboot route -- supported
by this list?

b. This UEFI crap - and Microsoft/Intel trying to lock everything to themselves crap is crappy.

Has anyone gathered all of these UEFI steps and good workarounds into One place that people can follow?

I would be happy to help in that effort.

(I would also be happy to push that one answer
out onto forums where I see this issue mentioned.)


On 4/20/2017 9:49 AM, solitone wrote:
On Thursday, 20 April 2017 08:41:26 CEST Kent West wrote:
I installed on a Dell (don't recall the model number now, but it's a recent
model), and I found that the firmware appears to be buggy, in that you can
specify a UEFI installation to boot, and it shows the setting you enter,
but it ignores that setting and boots only to the default installation,
which is something like "\boot\default\boot64.efi".
If I remeber right, when I installed debian alongside windows 8 on my previous
UEFI HP laptop, I had to disable fast boot in windows 8, otherwise it would
boot directly windows, not grub.