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Re: Warning ---- Re: debian-user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: Upgrading MailBox in Progress Verify Password

Well the xxx's didn't disable highlighted links :o( so don't click on them

On 20/04/17 19:41, Mr Smiley wrote:
I hope none of you are falling for this crap

Original sender is       xxx_deJonge@xxxxxxxxxxx

and the link points to


i added the xxx's to avoid mail automatic enabled click-able links

On 20/04/17 17:06, No Reply wrote:

We receive an authority from you to close down your mailbox account which is in progress within 48hrs.

note you will loose all your valuable mails in your inbox and sent folder, If you will like to continue using your mailbox you have this opportunity to cancel this request.

If you fail to cancel this request before 48hrs you will not have access to you mailbox and it will be close down.

Thanks for your co-operation.
Request Team. 

This mail was sent to debian-user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and can not be reply.