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Re: Secure boot - Uefi installation

Le 20/04/2017 à 15:41, Kent West a écrit :

I installed on a Dell (don't recall the model number now, but it's a recent
model), and I found that the firmware appears to be buggy, in that you can
specify a UEFI installation to boot, and it shows the setting you enter,
but it ignores that setting and boots only to the default installation,
which is something like "\boot\default\boot64.efi".

/EFI/boot/bootx64.efi. It is the default EFI path, used on removable media such as installation or live images and by Windows as a rescue boot loader.

I had the same issue on HP Elitebook 8460 or 8470 laptops.

The only way I could get around it was to create a separate \default
directory (or whatever the default directory name was - I don't now
remember) and copy my debian64.efi (or whatever it was) file into that
directory, renamed as boot64.efi (or whatever the default name was that it
was looking for).

Actually there is a simpler workaround : during the installation of the GRUB boot loader, the Debian installer asks whether to install GRUB in the "removable device path" or so. Just answer "yes" and it will install a copy of GRUB's core image in the default EFI path.

It does the same as "grub-install --force-extra-removable"