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Re: Encrypted RAID1 for storage with Debian Jessie

On 04/18/2017 07:06 PM, commentsabout@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Is there an easy way to attach several pair of RAID1 disks (with full
disk encryption) to a Debian Jessie system?

Here is a picture of what I'm trying to achieve: http://imgur.com/vF7IqX2

I am building a home backup system, I have different type of data to
backup (work, family, random stuff - hence the three pairs in the
picture). The system (Debian Jessie) will be on a USB key.

It's a backup system on a budget that I'd like to have up and running
within a couple of weeks, I know that ZFS (with FreeNAS for instance)
can achieve similar goals but it's out of budget ; I also know that work
is being done on BTRFS about encryption but it's not ready for prime
time yet.

Always state the obvious so :

- the idea behind having the SYSTEM on a independent USB drive is to
have one independent piece to handle the boot and system operations
(that I can easily - and cheaply - mirror to have drop in replacement in
case of failure) and "DATA" drives are just "dumb" encrypted drives that
could be unplugged from the setup and mounted anywhere else ;

- the idea behind the RAID1 is to create redundancy, hence in case one
drive fails, be able to plug a new one in, would it be possible with
full disk encryption?

- this backup system will only be turned on when needed, I don't plan on
using it as some sort of server or a NAS.

Am I re-inventing the wheel here, is there a better, simpler solution to
achieve both redundancy and encryption ?

I use large desktop HDD's in mobile docks for backups/ archives/ images:

1.  One drive ("primary") is in a server at all times.

2. I rotate the other two drives between near-site and off-site every couple of weeks -- dock the near-site drive, rsync the primary drive to the near-site drive, undock the near-site drive, then swap the near-site and off-site drives.

My file server and backup server are running Debian 7 with Xfce on 16 GB USB 3.0 flash drives. They work fine headless, but stutter noticeably if I log in and run concurrent GUI apps and/or terminal jobs. I initially created USB flash Debian system drives using the Debian installer, but found that I can migrate system images via dd between USB, SSD, and HDD. I need to test if these tricks work on Debian 8.

ZFS is the new way to do storage. I downloaded, installed, and ran ZFS on Linux for a while, but had to write my own Debian boot and shutdown integration scripts. (Ubuntu may have solved this.) I'm currently migrating to ZFS file, backup, and archive services on FreeBSD.

On 04/19/2017 02:11 AM, tv.debian@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> A low-end small SSD would be a far better option in my opinion.

+1 -- especially for the backup server, as you're going to be using it interactively.