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Re: Possibly erroneous "device not present" message during boot

Le 19/04/2017 à 09:46, GiaThnYgeia a écrit :

Question:  You have a system with everything on a HD /dev/sda, you use
/dev/sdb a live disk to boot and install debian on /dev/sdc including
the grub on /dev/sdc
You unplug the live disk and reboot, what will grub do by default, what
systems will it show, by default?

It depends which GRUB boots.

If it's the GRUB on the hard disk that was /dev/sda during the installation, it will show the same systems as before the installation, i.e. it won't show the new system until you run update-grub to update its menu.

If it's the GRUB on the device that was sdc during the installation, it will show all present systems that os-prober can detect.

I did not specify whether there is grub installed on /dev/sda or not, so
there are two variations.


I suspect based on Bios settings the system
will either go to hd or to usb to boot,

You did not mention previously that /dev/sdc was a USB device.

and that will be sda

The boot order in the BIOS has no effect on the device discovery and naming in the Linux system. Also, most of the times USB devices lose the discovery race against ATA devices due to extra delay. So hda will probably always be the hard disk regardless of the boot device.