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Re: Debian hardware compatibility

I don't think you'll have any issue with that set of hardware. If you've never done water cooling before then you'll be very happy with your H80i purchase. I have a Corsair Hydro H100i in both my Linux and Windows boxes and absolutely love them. I'll never do anything but CPU water cooling anymore. Also I would recommend the 850 Evo vs the 850 Pro. The pro's are typically more expensive and only offer slightly better write performance [1]. I've bought over 10 850 Evo's over the last few years and never been dissatisfied with any of them. Just my personal opinion, but thought I would mention it.

Joshua Schaeffer

[1] http://ssd.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Samsung-850-Pro-256GB-vs-Samsung-850-Evo-250GB/2385vs2977

On Wed, Apr 19, 2017 at 3:57 AM, Dan Purgert <dan@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
John Elliot V wrote:
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> I'm getting a new workstation. Proposed specs are here:
> I tried to find out if my new hardware would run Debian stable, but
> couldn't confirm.
> CPU is Intel Core i7-7700K on an Asus STRIX Z270F mobo. I'm planning to
> drive two monitors from the onboard graphics controller, one via DVI the
> other via HDMI.
> Will Debian (w/ KDE Plasma) run on my new kit, does anybody know?

I don't see anything that screams "linux incompatibility" on that list.
Might have some "fun" with the graphics, but then I've not kept up on
Intel's offerings in that regard.

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