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Efficiently finding information 'known' to exist "somewhere"

I've had two instances recently. I've found the "immediately" needed information, but they are samples of more generic problems.

1. Today's problem was easily solved. I had seen a post discussing an application of the "tree" command. When I tried it, I got "command not found". In _this_ case it was easily solved by using Synaptic's search function -- there is a package named "tree".

However that is not always the case. Some months ago I got a "command not found" message for a command that had a man page (do not recall the specific command). It turned out it was one utility command among many provided by a package with an unrelated name.

Is there a general way to find such a package?

2. There are many commands whose man pages point to using the "info" command. I personally find that format more annoying than useful. I would prefer to access the TeXInfo formatted document and convert it locally to desired format - usually HTML.

If the command is on my machine (i.e. GRUB), I can generally find the associated TeXInfo formatted file (usually concealed in a tarred or zipped file). How to search for all TeXInfo files on debian.org?