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Encrypted RAID1 for storage with Debian Jessie


Is there an easy way to attach several pair of RAID1 disks (with full disk encryption) to a Debian Jessie system?

Here is a picture of what I'm trying to achieve: http://imgur.com/vF7IqX2

I am building a home backup system, I have different type of data to backup (work, family, random stuff - hence the three pairs in the picture). The system (Debian Jessie) will be on a USB key.

It's a backup system on a budget that I'd like to have up and running within a couple of weeks, I know that ZFS (with FreeNAS for instance) can achieve similar goals but it's out of budget ; I also know that work is being done on BTRFS about encryption but it's not ready for prime time yet.

Always state the obvious so :

- the idea behind having the SYSTEM on a independent USB drive is to have one independent piece to handle the boot and system operations (that I can easily - and cheaply - mirror to have drop in replacement in case of failure) and "DATA" drives are just "dumb" encrypted drives that could be unplugged from the setup and mounted anywhere else ;

- the idea behind the RAID1 is to create redundancy, hence in case one drive fails, be able to plug a new one in, would it be possible with full disk encryption?

- this backup system will only be turned on when needed, I don't plan on using it as some sort of server or a NAS.

Am I re-inventing the wheel here, is there a better, simpler solution to achieve both redundancy and encryption ?

Thank you in advance for your help,