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Re: Secure boot - Uefi installation

On Tue, Apr 18, 2017 at 12:30:47AM +0300, Karagkiaouris Diamantis wrote:
> Dear All,
> How can i install debian with UEFI support? Is there any simple tutorial?
> Also do i have to disable the secure boot and then proceed with uefi
> installation?
> I have tried but then a message "could not authenticate boot media" emerges
> and the boot stop right there.
> I am new to debian and i don't want to abandon for this silly reason.
> Thank you
Unless things have changed very recently, yes -- you need to disable 
secure boot, then you can do an install to UEFI media. I say this with 
the caveat that I have used UEFI-aware Debian install media but the only 
UEFI install I have actually done was of LFS not Debian.

Debian install media can boot a UEFI-aware machine if secure boot is 
disabled. I believe the live images only use MBR boot method, presumably 
so they can work on the largest number of machines, even old ones 
(UEFI-only machines are only just now emerging)