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Re: RTL8111 Networking Drivers

Lisi Reisz:
> You do realise that Ron is the OP of this thread, and presumably even more new 
> that yourself?

Are you luring me down another irrelevant to the issue path?
If you did not notice, instead of (me) being a smart-rear-end I already
responded specifically to the OP with the 2 packages 8168-9 that relate
to his generalized question of 8111*.  If you are correcting me about my
explanation of non-free "firmware" and lack of specificity I can
understand, but fail to see it.

Can you explain to all of us what is your specific problem with me, as
you are avoiding the issue itself and trying to find a different tangent
to be right about.

I don't know what is your definition of organization, in response to
your comment

>  the delusion that there is an organisation called "Debian"

Correct me if I am wrong, weren't you the one sending me the links for
the constitution and hierarchy?  That constitutes a hierarchical
organization.  Does a community have a hierarchy, not without a communal
constitution it doesn't.  (hence my signature of who died and made you

Whether it can, or will not, respond seems to be exactly what I was
explaining to the OP.  Being irresponsive does not make the fact, that
it is an organization, my illusion.  Nor am I saying I truly expect it
to respond to me or anyone.  The call is open (and free) to respond to
criticism "with logical arguments" which I am willing to recognize and
accept if they existed.  Otherwise there is no organization or community
that will moderate the criticism.  It is already public domain.

> Lisi

>This is one of those (few) times when it is a pity that this list
>isn't moderated.

Purely illogical sequence!  You are not making sense, you are avoiding
the issue, and desperately beg to have me respond to your requests to
shut up.  I don't know what to do.  Help me.

The easiest way to have someone respond when they don't care to continue
something is to bring up out of context, false, and illogical comments
about them.  I promise to be quiet if you stop this out of context
illogical commenting.  You have not added 1cent in the issue.

I am getting so desperate for any responses I am imagining some of my
own.  ie..

(it takes so much effort and workhours to edit open and free firmware
that exist and work in Deb8 that it is not worth the little demand for
them, so they are dropped in Deb9.  But if NVIDIA gets their non-free
code public tomorrow for their latest supergadget for gamers that work
is weel worth the while to be available in Debian 9 and Sid.)

That would have been a logical argument and response to the criticism.

Or, someone of those for 2 decade experts in Debian could have implied
(that it is easy and possible to just lock the firmware from Jessie to
Stretch and modify its source to make it run yourself, or something!)
Which would have defeated the previous argument if it were true!

But then there is Joe's response that I interpret as ........

naahhh..  I will not do you that favor to interpret here!

Peace my brothers and sisters ...

 "The most violent element in society is ignorance" rEG

"Who died and made you the superuser?"  Brooklinux

"keep rocking in the non-free world" Neilznotyoung