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Re: Jessie for Udoo X86?

Eduard Bloch:
> Hallo,
> * Larry Dighera [Sun, Apr 16 2017, 09:27:46PM]:
>> The new Udoo X86 boards have just begun to ship: <http://www.udoo.org/>. 
>> Is anyone able to provide a link to the 64-bit Debian Jessie USB/SD
>> installation ISO/img?
> Did you try the regular installer from USB stick already?


If live runs well chances are that you can install it

there is Puppy Linux among others that run entirely on RAM, once loaded
no disk is required, ideally they will run as long as there is a
continuous power supply.  Given enough ram you can modify most linux to
run this way, but some are designed and modified specifically saving you
the trouble.

> Data sheet indicates that it supports "All Linux Flavors for x86". Which
> means that it's probably usual Intel hardware inside. It might lack a
> few drivers for recent hardware revisions but you could install a
> kernel from jessie-backports in that case.

Interesting and seems more potent than the raspberry system.  But if
size did not matter so damn much for less money you can get a decent
USFF box and throw the box away and pretend you are building from
scratch.  I suspect the quality of some older USFF is higher.  Yes the
processor and cooling aparatus is a bit bulky ... but it depends on the
use and available space/weight requirement.

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