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Re: RTL8111 Networking Drivers

Don't expect "Debian" to respond to you, it is like talking to the Borg
Individuals will speak of Debian, they may be inside or outside Debian,
but Debian only speaks through official directives in its one and only
web page.  No dialog, no comments, no responses.  It is like planning to
have coffee with the Borg!  If anyone speaks as Debian don't trust what
he/she says as anyone else will say that is her/his personal opinion.

Ctrl-F 811

Ron Bales:
> Why do you not include the drivers for RTL8111 I have not used Mint for
> years because the network never worked I found the drivers and installed
> them but way to much trouble I was getting ready to give up for good and
> found the instructions to install. The network works fine in Ubuntu?

Here is what the Borg says:

dkms source for the r8168 network driver

r8168 is the Linux device driver released for RealTek RTL8111B/RTL8168B,
RTL8111/RTL8168, RTL8111C/RTL8111CP/RTL8111D(L),
RTL8168E/RTL8111F/RTL8411, RTL8111G/RTL8111GUS/RTL8411B(N), RTL8118AS
Gigabit Ethernet controllers with PCI-Express interface.

This driver should only be used for devices not yet supported by the
in-kernel driver r8169. Please see the README.Debian for instructions how
to report bugs against r8169 that made it necessary to use r8168-dkms.

Installation of the r8168-dkms package will disable the in-kernel r8169
module. To re-enable r8169, the r8168-dkms package must be purged.

This package provides the dkms source code for the r8168 kernel modules.
Kernel source or headers are required to compile these modules.

You seem to have barked up the wrong tree:

firmware-realtek is a bit different:

Binary firmware for Realtek wired/wifi/BT adapters

This package contains the binary firmware for Realtek Ethernet, wifi and
Bluetooth adapters supported by various drivers.

 * Realtek RTL8192E boot code (RTL8192E/boot.img)
 * Realtek RTL8192E init data (RTL8192E/data.img)
 * Realtek RTL8192E main code (RTL8192E/main.img)
 * Realtek RTL8192EE Bluetooth firmware (rtl_bt/rtl8192ee_fw.bin)
 * Realtek RTL8812AE Bluetooth firmware (rtl_bt/rtl8812ae_fw.bin)
 * Realtek RTL8761A Bluetooth firmware (rtl_bt/rtl8761a_fw.bin)
 * Realtek RTL8821A Bluetooth firmware (rtl_bt/rtl8821a_fw.bin)
 * Realtek RTL8192EU Bluetooth firmware (rtl_bt/rtl8192eu_fw.bin)
 * Realtek RTL8723AU rev A Bluetooth firmware (rtl_bt/rtl8723a_fw.bin)
 * Realtek RTL8723BU rev B Bluetooth firmware (rtl_bt/rtl8723b_fw.bin)
 * Realtek RTL8822B Bluetooth config (rtl_bt/rtl8822b_config.bin)
 * Realtek RTL8822B Bluetooth firmware (rtl_bt/rtl8822b_fw.bin)
 * Realtek RTL8105E-1 firmware (rtl_nic/rtl8105e-1.fw)
 * Realtek RTL8106E-1 firmware, version 0.0.1 (rtl_nic/rtl8106e-1.fw)
 * Realtek RTL8106E-2 firmware, version 0.0.1 (rtl_nic/rtl8106e-2.fw)
 * Realtek RTL8107E-1 firmware, version 0.0.2 (rtl_nic/rtl8107e-1.fw)
 * Realtek RTL8107E-2 firmware, version 0.0.2 (rtl_nic/rtl8107e-2.fw)
 * Realtek RTL8111D-1/RTL8168D-1 firmware (rtl_nic/rtl8168d-1.fw)
 * Realtek RTL8111D-2/RTL8168D-2 firmware (rtl_nic/rtl8168d-2.fw)
 * Realtek RTL8168E-1 firmware (rtl_nic/rtl8168e-1.fw)
 * Realtek RTL8168E-2 firmware (rtl_nic/rtl8168e-2.fw)
 * Realtek RTL8168E-3 firmware, version 0.0.4 (rtl_nic/rtl8168e-3.fw)
 * Realtek RTL8168F-1 firmware, version 0.0.5 (rtl_nic/rtl8168f-1.fw)
 * Realtek RTL8168F-2 firmware, version 0.0.4 (rtl_nic/rtl8168f-2.fw)
 * Realtek RTL8168G-1 firmware, version 0.0.3 (rtl_nic/rtl8168g-1.fw)
 * Realtek RTL8168G-2 firmware, version 0.0.1 (rtl_nic/rtl8168g-2.fw)
 * Realtek RTL8168G-3 firmware, version 0.0.1 (rtl_nic/rtl8168g-3.fw)
 * Realtek RTL8168H-1 firmware, version 0.0.2 (rtl_nic/rtl8168h-1.fw)
 * Realtek RTL8168H-2 firmware, version 0.0.2 (rtl_nic/rtl8168h-2.fw)
 * Realtek RTL8402-1 firmware, version 0.0.1 (rtl_nic/rtl8402-1.fw)
 * Realtek RTL8411-1 firmware, version 0.0.3 (rtl_nic/rtl8411-1.fw)
 * Realtek RTL8411-2 firmware, version 0.0.1 (rtl_nic/rtl8411-2.fw)
 * Realtek RTL8188EE firmware (rtlwifi/rtl8188efw.bin)
 * Realtek RTL8188EU firmware (rtlwifi/rtl8188eufw.bin)
 * Realtek RTL8192CE/RTL8188CE firmware (rtlwifi/rtl8192cfw.bin)
 * Realtek RTL8192CE/RTL8188CE B-cut firmware
 * Realtek RTL8188CE A-cut firmware, version 4.816.2011
 * Realtek RTL8192CU/RTL8188CU UMC A-cut firmware
 * Realtek RTL8192CU/RTL8188CU UMC B-cut firmware
 * Realtek RTL8192CU/RTL8188CU TMSC firmware
 * Realtek RTL8192CU/RTL8188CU fallback firmware
 * Realtek RTL8192DE firmware (rtlwifi/rtl8192defw.bin)
 * Realtek RTL8192EE wifi firmware (rtlwifi/rtl8192eefw.bin)
 * Realtek RTl8192EU firmware (rtlwifi/rtl8192eu_nic.bin)
 * Realtek RTL8192SE/RTL8191SE firmware, version 4.816.2011
 * Realtek RTL8192SU/RTL8712U firmware (rtlwifi/rtl8712u.bin)
 * Realtek RTL8723AU rev A wifi-with-BT firmware
 * Realtek RTL8723AU rev B wifi-with-BT firmware
 * Realtek RTL8723AU rev B wifi-only firmware
 * Realtek RTL8723BE firmware (rtlwifi/rtl8723befw.bin)
 * Realtek RTl8723BU firmware (rtlwifi/rtl8723bu_nic.bin)
 * Realtek RTL8723AE rev B firmware (rtlwifi/rtl8723fw_B.bin)
 * Realtek RTL8723AE rev A firmware (rtlwifi/rtl8723fw.bin)
 * Realtek RTL8821AE firmware (rtlwifi/rtl8821aefw_wowlan.bin)
 * Realtek RTL8821AE firmware (rtlwifi/rtl8821aefw.bin)

a)  To users (dwarfs like me and dungeons like sys-admins possibly could
care less if something is free or contrib/non-free

b)  Developers who might incorporate something indirectly non-free into
their code can no longer publish something as "free".

But if you add @political to the word "users" in the first sentence it
makes more sense, because those who are "users" of Debian due to the
political principles it was founded upon, then it does make a
difference.  Fat chance finding some wifi that is 100% free!

Where it becomes complex is that MEGA-hw-industry dictates what has to
be free or thrown to oblivion because their clients run debian servers.
But how do you get to throw on the garbage something that was free for
10 years but continue to support non-free stuff because it is fresh and

Hardware that was free in Jessie 8.7.1 is no-longer supported in testing
(unofficial stretch) but terrabytes flow though the gazillion servers
named debian.org to support nvidia and realtek CRAP (among others whose
hardware belong on the recycling can based on the true Debian spirit and
founding principles)!!!!!!

My mistakes, Lizi, are an irrelevant issue to this observation but no
matter what you say and I say neither is speaking as Debian.  The
hypocritical BORG has no voice on the matter!

 "The most violent element in society is ignorance" rEG

"Who died and made you the superuser?"  Brooklinux