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Re: Possibly erroneous "device not present" message during boot

Le 15/04/2017 à 16:28, David Wright a écrit :
On Sat 15 Apr 2017 at 11:05:12 (+0200), Pascal Hambourg wrote:

A SD card reader such as the one the OP has just exposes the SD card
as what it is, a SD/MMC card (/dev/mmcblk*).

I assumed that the OP, writing about a laptop, had no card reader,
and was inserting the SD card directly into the computer.

How do you name that slot on the laptop or desktop where you insert the SD card, if not an embedded card reader ?

As it happens, if you do this with the ancient laptop I'm typing on,
it has the functionality of a card reader built into it and you get
a /dev/sd*, and that can be boot an SD card directly.

So there seems to be at least two kinds of SD card reader : those which expose themselves as a USB mass storage device and those which expose themselves as a SD/MMC device.

I have a couple of desktops with an embedded multi-card reader, connected to an internal USB port on the motherboard. But I do not have any SD card (no use), so I never checked to see what kind they are.