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Re: Possibly erroneous "device not present" message during boot

Brian wrote:
> songbird wrote:
>>   what i would do for grins is unplug the
>> devices other than the SSD and the installation 
>> media and then do a base system (simple install 
>> - not expert) and see what the installer does 
>> detect and writes in the fstab and grub menu 
>> (it may even boot).  you may then use those 
> This is cargo cult.

  thus my expression "for grins".  ;)

  i noticed my own lack of previous comprehension
as i thought all along the OP was putting things
on an SSD device and not a SD chip.  my SD reader
is on a USB header device with many other things.

  maybe grub needs something provided by the

usbms, ehci, uhci or ohci?

  these can be tested at the command line and
then doing ls -l to see if the device shows up
or not...

> simple install=some control of d-i.
> expert install=total control of d-i.
> In both cases the OP does not want to install a boot loader to the
> device.

  dd can get rid of it easily enough.

  i think the possible confusion for a more
ancient machine may be cleared up enough to 
get workable bits.  how we get to workable
bits may be a different route, but in the end
if they work we have gotten to the cheese in
this particular maze of twisty-turny passages
even if they all look alike (1's and 0's).