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Re: Possibly erroneous "device not present" message during boot

Richard Owlett wrote:
[file a bug?]

  i'm not sure this is a bug.  you've
done an expert install, but not let grub
finish so by my estimate you've left the
install where manual patching is needed.

  right now this thread is showing up via
go ogle so people will find it if they have
similar issues and they can maybe sort it

  what i would do for grins is unplug the
devices other than the SSD and the installation 
media and then do a base system (simple install 
- not expert) and see what the installer does 
detect and writes in the fstab and grub menu 
(it may even boot).  you may then use those 
things in the previously installed grub and
fstab files (for the system which boots and
runs but does not mount the SSD).

  if you do this report the contents of the 
fstab and the grub.cfg

> Especially as I do not
> have the bandwidth to do a netinstall of a pre-release version?

  that's really unfortunate.