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Re: If Linux Is About Choice, Why Then ...

On Thu, Apr 13, 2017 at 06:37:03PM +0100, Jonathan Dowland wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 13, 2017 at 06:44:08PM +0300, Reco wrote:
> > Describing Fedora as 'community-driven' distribution is a gross
> > oversimplification. It's not that I disagree with initial assessment -
> > they don't sell you Debian stable like Red Hat does for RHEL.
> Red Hat employees do have significant involvement in Fedora. This is true.
> May I ask, what model would you prefer?
> Disclaimer: I am a Red Hat employee, but I have nothing to do with Fedora.

Both, actually.

Debian stable works for me. RHEL works for my current employer.

Being realist I have to accept that it's much easier to use a Linux
distribution for *commercial purposes* if there's some price tag attached
to it (or to the support of said distribution). An ablility to redirect
responsibility to support is priceless.

But for the non-commercial purposes and personal use RHEL is way too
enterprisey for my taste. Too little software, too much 'do it our way'
approach. Hence - Debian for my needs.