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Re: ssl isues are Eating me alive.

Greg Wooledge <wooledg@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> Apparently all of the terminal-based browsers in wheezy and jessie are
> linked with libgnutls instead of libopenssl, and libgnutls (at least as
> provided by jessie) is completely incapable of forming an SSL connection
> with half of the Web.
> Every time someone in IRC pastes an https://* link, it's a roll of the
> dice whether I'll be able to open it in elinks.  https://paste.debian.net/
> is one example of a site that does not work.  If you remove the 's'
> and just go to http://paste.debian.net/ it's fine.
> Most other paste sites don't offer a working option like that.

	Yup. The one I needed to go to didn't.

	At least I don't feel like I just failed to keep
something up to date or am doing something stupid so I feel a
little better. Who knows? It might get fixed one day.

Thank you.