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ssl isues are Eating me alive.

This started out a year or so ago with the occasional site in
which lynx would report that it was unable to establish a TLS
connection with this or that site. The next step on the road to
train reck is that lynx says it's trying an insecure connection
without TLS. That's nice that it tries and on some occasions,
some sites let this happen, but this is not good at all. Usually,
the next message is that there will be no session of any kind
from this site and that is actually a good thing since an
insecure connection invites all sorts of possibilities for leaks
of information useful to the whole menagerie of cyber scum.

	What needs to be updated to make most sites at least
display a page and not just bounce one back to whatever was going
on before the alert and disconnect?

	The only real pattern to all this is it's getting worse
by the day so something has expired and is starting to stink.

	Thanks for all constructive ideas.

Martin McCormick