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Re: Problem after dist-upgrade and dpkg install -f (Probably nvidia packages related)


I tried to find out X I have and it seemed to be lightdm. So I killed that proces but only my GUI was gone.
Find and Locate did not find nvidia.ko

So this did not work for me.

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12. Apr 2017 20:26 by hans.ullrich@xxxxxxx:

Am Mittwoch, 12. April 2017, 20:18:22 CEST schrieb Aquarius:
Hmm, bad thing. Maybe you should remove kdm, gdm or whatever loginmanager you
are using out of the way, so it will not start after boot and force you into a
bad X.

Then you can try dpkg-configure -a again.

You can also try to delete nvidia.ko in the kernel libs, so it inhibits to
start nvidia-driver.

Try then dpkg-reconfigure -a again. Maybe it is working now.

You might try to deinstall the downloaded package with
dpkg -r nvidia-blabla.deb

If this all fails, trigger me again, maybe I have some other ideas.

Good luck!

Thanks Hans.
I must add when shutting down I get a black screen with lots of text. The
system will not shut down. I have to press the powerbutton and hold it to
power it off. After starting up again I performed apt-get --purge remove
The output was:
root@debian:/home/piet# apt-get --purge remove nvidia-*
E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to
correct the problem.

Well, it seems I would be running in circles then.
Any other idea?

Kind regards,